"Texas is not just a place on a map... but a idea in the hearts of its people" - George P. Bush

   Texas Original Kulture is the "brainchild" of our founder and curator, Morgan Cook. 

   His love for Texas is as great as the state itself. Having traveled across the Great State of Texas throughout his adult life, he has met and seen some of the most legendary and interesting people and places most have never heard of.

   Fast forward to 2017, he married the love of his life, Kate, owner of Asphalt Canvas Custom Art. Their love of travel, the automotive industry, her talent of pinstriping and fine art, and the exploration of Texas, have afforded them to travel around Texas and meet some of the most interesting, unique Texans there are. This blog will not just tell about their adventures, but the stories and mystique of the Texas Original Kulture as well. 

   Follow along to learn more about Texas Original Kulture and be sure to purchase some merchandise and apparel to support their mission to tell the tales of Texas and be sure to share them with your amigos!

Asphalt Canvas Custom Art handlettering our 1964 Dodge Polara

Where It All Started