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Building a Budget Friendly Dream Car

With the rise of reality television shows featuring classic car builds, there is now a generalized impression that building a custom or classic automobile of your own can be exciting and/or fortuitous, regardless of expense. These popular TV shows tell stories where partially finished cars are brought to a special car customization shop where a team of guys and gals customize, build, and complete a one-of-a-kind ride within just a few weeks! However, I've found, although inspiring, these types of shows never follow up with the type of repairs and maintenance any classic car needs over a period of time, even after a complete overhaul. I found this to be true after building my own 1964 Dodge Polara, and there has been one company that has proved integral to both building and maintaining my classic car.

What is RockAuto?

RockAuto. is one company I have found that is committed to making it easier for car enthusiasts and DIYers like myself to repair and maintain my vehicle with cost-effective parts and a user-friendly online ordering system.

They deliver a painless shopping experience for part replacements, dealer tools, and service manuals. Their online store stocks familiar brands of vehicle parts ranging from car and light truck tires to common maintenance items such as antifreeze, oil filters, and brake pads. To place an order, all you have to do is enter the year, make, and model of your car/truck, search your part name or number, or just browse for the part that your car needs. Next, RockAuto will cross-reference that information with their huge 4 million part catalog so that you receive the part for the lowest price possible!

The Cars I've Built with RockAuto

I have been sourcing and purchasing parts through RockAuto for nearly 10 years for many of my cars. They have saved me countless hours and loads of money because I no longer need to make multiple stops to different stores, do price comparisons, or pay a premium shelf price for a single car part or product. With all the current events going on in the world, unfortunately, our local part stores are experiencing inventory shortages leaving no choice but to order parts online.

1964 Dodge Polara Disc Brake Conversion
Front Disc Brake Conversion

Every car I have owned has had at least 5 parts from RockAuto which have all fit and performed flawlessly. The vehicle I have put the most into is my 1964 Dodge Polara, which you may have read about in previous posts. If not, check out the Polara Origin Series (click/tap the button below)

1964 Dodge Polara

More specially, on the early B-body Mopars (the 60s-70s models), it is not uncommon to have worn out front suspension bushings, as my Polara did. These parts can be hard to come by, however, RockAuto had all of them in stock and for an incredibly affordable price! The worn engine mounts I needed were even available in their inventory! After an endless search for Champion Spark Plugs at my local parts house, I ended up also ordering them from RockAuto, which ended up costing me 50% less than what they had been priced at in the local parts store. RockAuto has never failed in saving me money on parts and time in the shop. I am thankful to their company for helping me keep my Polara on the road.

My 1964 Dodge Polara RockAuto Magnet Feature!

You may wonder why all the hype on RockAuto?

I am so excited to announce that my 1964 Dodge Polara, The Polar Bear, will be featured on one of their upcoming magnet designs!

With every order, RockAuto adds a business card-sized refrigerator magnet. Our fridge and my shop toolbox are full of them! These magnets feature photos of various cars from everyday people like you and me who have used RockAuto to customize, restore, or even just maintain their rides!

I am honored they have picked my car in the lineup of awesome vehicles featured on their magnets throughout the years. I cannot wait to see these in person!

RockAuto Collector Series Magnet Morgan's 1964 Dodge Polara
And hey, if you order parts through RockAuto and receive one of these Polara magnets, show me where you placed yours by tagging me on Instagram @texasoriginalkulture!


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