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No More Mess

"Why didn't someone think of this sooner?"

We all know that one guy in the shop who by 5 minutes into the first job is covered in oil. Well thanks to AMSOIL's new "Easy-Pack", hopefully, he won't be anymore.


AMSOIL is known for being the "First In Synthetics" with its creation of the first synthetic motor oil to meet API Service Requirements. But they are also the first to create easy, no mess, no waste packaging for gear oil.

For years, changing your gear oil has always been a pain due to the awkward oversized bottle gear oils are sold in. Often causing not just a mess, but wasting your hard-earned money on fluid that is spilled on the floor and you. The only easier way was to spend even more money on a pump that will end up breaking or leaking itself.

Differentials Require Service

A clean, quality gear lube helps prevent the howls and whines that can occur from extended periods of metal-to-metal contact. It provides differentials and transmissions with crucial protection – particularly against the rigors of towing and hauling – and it should be changed on a schedule to protect your vehicle. Unfortunately, changing diff and trans fluid doesn’t come without challenges.

Tight Squeeze

Removing the cover on your differential or “pumpkin” and draining the fluid might not be difficult, but installing new fluid requires the ability to push liquid uphill. Unless you have a lifted SUV or truck, differentials are packed in high and tight. Reaching fill holes is difficult, and you cannot tip the bottles at an angle that allows the fluid to run into the differential with the help of gravity.

Troublesome Current Solutions

That’s why most gear lube is sold in conical plastic bottles. The idea is that you’ll be able to squeeze the gear lube from the bottle and force it into your diff. Unfortunately, those bottles are rigid and hard to squeeze. You cannot get all of the fluid out of the bottle, so you end up buying more than you truly need to get the job done. Pumps are an improvement, but even those can be leaky or require a third hand to operate without major spillage or break, leaving you with a mess and out even more money.

The Mess

No matter your method (pump or conical bottle), it seems impossible to service differentials without making a big mess.

The AMSOIL Solution

The new AMSOIL easy-pack eliminates all of the old obstacles.

Easily access hard-to-reach fill holes. The packaging is flexible. Just bend it until the nozzle is pointing where you need it to be and insert it into the fill hole.

Easily squeeze out entire contents. Empty the easy-pack into your differential with no waste and no mess.

Introducing,,, THE EASY-PACK!

The award-winning Easy-Pack features a flexible "bottle" that allows you to fill those differentials in tight spots, minimizing waste, mess, and frustrations.

The high-strength industrial packaging resists drops, abrasions, and extreme pressures!

Check out the video below to see more awesome features of this award-winning innovation!


AMSOIL Severe Gear

Available in 75W-90, 80W-90, 75W-110, and 75W-140 viscosities, SEVERE GEAR is engineered for high-demand applications found in today’s autos/pick-up trucks, SUVs, heavy equipment, and other hard-working vehicles. It delivers extreme-temperature performance no matter where the roads you travel happen to be.

  • Delivers excellent performance in hot and cold temperature extremes.

  • Resists breakdown from high heat, preventing acids and carbon/varnish formation.

  • Wax-free construction improves cold-flow properties, improving fuel economy and cold-weather shifting.

  • Specifically engineered for maximum performance in severe-duty applications.

  • Maintains viscosity for long-lasting protection against metal-to-metal contact.

  • Proprietary AMSOIL additives form an iron-sulfide barrier coating on gear surfaces, providing the ultimate line of defense against wear, pitting and scoring.

  • Helps prevent "thermal runaway," a phenomenon caused by a lubricant’s inability to control friction and increased heat under high-stress conditions.

  • Inhibits rapid lubricant degradation and component damage, helping equipment run better and last longer.

“175,000 trouble-free, heavy-haul miles. The new gear oil pouch makes it so easy to change diff fluid. Make the switch to AMSOIL today. Proven protection in the worst conditions.”-Nate the Hotshot, Laurel, Miss.

AMSOIL has been the market leader in synthetic lubricants since its beginning in 1972 when AMSOIL 10W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil become the first motor oil to meet the American Petroleum Institute's service requirements! Click the logo to learn more about AMSOIL!


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