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The Man Behind Texas Original Kulture

My Career as a Funeral Director

As some of you may or may not know before I began Texas Original Kulture, I was (and still am), a licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer.

Throughout my career in the Funeral Industry for over 14 years, I have served in a multitude of positions from digging graves to managing a funeral home, running a crematory, and now currently managing a cemetery.

I have provided my services to thousands over those 14 years, providing the highest level of service, care, and respect they all needed and deserved. Though it is not something I speak of often as I am not one to always talk about myself, it has been a wonderful career path full of many ups and downs and different experiences, from deploying to major disasters, providing expert witness testimony to the Supreme Court, to providing the most personalized service to a local family in need.

The 3 of 7 Podcast Interview

Recently I was able to discuss the value of life and death, how we define human life, process the death of human life, along with my experience testifying at the Supreme Court, on the 3of7 Podcast with former Navy Seal Chad Wright and his brother Blake Wright.

The 3of7 Podcast is a part of the 3of7 Project whose mission is to provide a resource that gives you the knowledge and ability to complete yourself through the nourishment of the body, soul, and spirit by offering speaking engagements, and various physical courses to do just that.


National Funeral Directors & Morticians Day

"Whereas these special men and women see their chosen profession as a higher calling, a sacred trust, in serving every family regardless of social standing, financial means, or time of day or day of the year, whenever a death occurs; and whereas March 11 would be an appropriate day to designate as National Funeral Director and Mortician Recognition Day to pay tribute to these funeral directors and morticians who, day in and day out, assist our Nation's families in their times of sadness and grief and help families mourn a death and celebrate a life." - H. RES. 892, passed by the 110th Congress of the United States.

On March 11, 2008, the 110th Congress of the United States passed a resolution designating March 11 as National Funeral Director and Recognition Day. This is a day to acknowledge the important work of funeral professionals and express support. Many people outside of the profession are unaware of the many ways funeral professionals devote themselves to others.


What Is 3 of 7?


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