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Top 3 AMSOIL Products For Your RV

RV's and campers are the best way to see this great nation. Traveling the highways and bi-ways of America seeing all the sights. As an Independent AMSOIL Dealer and "RVer/Camper" myself, I have found a few of the best AMSOIL products to keep on hand when road-tripping your RV or Camper across this great nation. As I found on one of my trips, a good can of cleaner/protectant/lubricant, such as the AMSOIL MP Metal Protectant, can go a long way in helping roadside "fixes" like when the hitch to my camper was seized and rusty from spending a week in the salty ocean air on the West Coast. The AMSOIL MP freed it up in a jiffy so I could get hooked up and back on the road! Thankfully, I have found much of this out the hard way so you don't have to!

While AMSOIL offers a full line of amazing engine oils, filters, and other products here are the Top 3 I recommend to keep with you on your RV and Camper adventures!

Item(s) #1 - MP Metal Protector and MP HD-Heavy Duty Metal Protector

AMSOIL MP Metal Protector

Everyone always talks about how the salty air on the coast is detrimental to the metal surfaces on your tow vehicle and your RV/Camper. Believe me, I have witnessed this first hand after camping on the Pacific Coast Highway at Emma Wood State Beach in California for a week.

The corrosion and rust on our brand-new KZ Sportsman Classic BHK191 were unbelievable. You would have thought it was sitting out in the elements for years where the surface rust had started on all the exposed metal surfaces on the frame. This caused our hitch to become difficult to lock onto the ball. I pulled out a can of the AMSOIL MP Metal Protector, gave a few squirts, and worked the mechanism back and forth and it was free in minutes.

Not only does the MP help free the rusted parts, but it creates a barrier to help prevent rust and corrosion from happening again.

See the product data sheet for full details.

AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Metal Protector

At every campground I stay at, I am constantly asked how I keep the frame and under-

carriage of the camper clean and looking brand new after pulling it thousands of miles across the country.

The answer is simple. AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Metal Protector.

AMSOIL HD MP contains a resilient, durable anti-corrosion formula that protects metal components, equipment, and tools for up to several years depending on application and environment. It displaces water and dries to an amber, wax-like coating, does not wear off easily, and protects metal from the effects of water, salt, and high humidity.

Just one coat every 4-6 months (possibly less often depending on how often the camper is used) is all it needs. It is even great for your tow rig's frame!

See the product data sheet for full details.


Item #2 - AMSOIL Miracle Wash

I stumbled upon using AMSOIL Miracle Wash after another AMSOIL Dealer mentioned to me he had heard of a customer of his using it to remove those pesky black streaks that form on the sides of campers and RVs. So I had to try it myself and yes. AMSOIL Miracle Wash takes those streaks right off! 10 of 10 recommend it.

A simple two-step process of spraying on, and wiping off with a soft towel! The Miracle Wash formula, leaves a fantastic shine, and tough protective finish, repels dust and light dirt, and protects against the sun's UV rays.

See the Product Data Bulletin for full details.


Item #3 - AMSOIL Mudslinger

You will recall a previous blog referencing the AMSOIL Mudslinger, "Tired of Scrubbing and Powerwashing after an Off-Road Trip?", that is how versatile this it is!

AMSOIL Mudslinger will help keep the plastic trim on your RV or camper looking brand new and easy to wash after miles on the road. I use it on the engine bay of the tow-rig and the front lower valence of our camper to keep road grime to a minimum and it has yet to fail me!

Product Data Bulletins


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These Work For Me

These 3 products are easy to store and use on your adventures. So go Order Yours Now!

Leave a comment below on what you have found best works for your camper or RV!


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